Gathering Sky: New Music

More exciting news!

We've just begun working with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music to record an entirely brand new score for Gathering Sky! We've brought on the phenomenal composer Dren McDonald and will be making use of the brand new recording studio that just opened up at the conservatory (in conjuction with the new TAC program at SFCM). The players at the SFCM are some of the finest, and we're excited to work with them for the game.

The new soundtrack will be far more unified and dynamic (we're creating the new score to react to the gameplay itself), and we'll have the best of Dren's mystical home-made instruments at our disposal to really create something unique.

We'll be showing a few sneak peeks of the new music (and perhaps the recording process itself) down the road, so if you're interested in hearing more, sign up for the list at or use your favorite RSS reader and click the button below.

And if you're interested, take a look at the full press release here.